No longer offering stipple-hedcut portraits

I've decided not to offer hedcut/pen and ink dot portraits for the time being in order to focus on my pencil portrait art. I will continue with my pencil portrait art business, so please feel free to contact me if I can help you with one of those!

Replication of hedcut style

Nice links to hedcut websites, and places you can create the hedcut effect using software.

Mr. Yunis: Hedcut Style of Illustration and Photoshop Replication ...
By Travis Yunis
I found this cool Photoshop tutorial and articles that revolve around an illustration technique called hedcut. The tutorial replicates the technique nicely; however, there is also a very nice plug-in for those who like short-cuts and ...

Stipple portrait

KICKING UP THE DUST: Stipple portrait
By Felisia
Stipple portrait. We had a stippling assignment in my black and white illustration class which had to be a portrait of someone important to us with at least three different elements in it that meant something about their character. ...

Hedcut pictures for business

Picturing Business in America: Hedcuts in the Wall Street Journal
Showcases the Wall Stree Journal's distinctive drawings of national celebrities, politicians and business men and women.

WSJ stipple portrait

Ink Rhythm » Blog Archive » at the Wall Street Journal, part 2
By admin
Kevin on at the Wall Street Journal; Jay McNulty on at the Wall Street Journal · Kevin on Searching… “WSJ stipple portrait.” Pages. About · Contact Kevin · Creating the”Hedcut” · Illustrator’s Evolution · Your Personal Hedcut. Meta ...

Hedcut Ink Portrait of MLK Jr.

Stipple Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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New Kevin Sprouls Hedcut Blog Post

Ink Rhythm » Blog Archive » The Art of Architecture, part 2
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